Getting an Abortion in Canada

I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of links here with phone numbers and other information on how to find an abortion provider in Canada. I’m writing this with the knowledge that procedures are still not accessible to everyone, whether the obstacle is geographic location or the requirement to have approval from more than one physician (eff you, New Brunswick). So, it’s frustrating, and I’m sorry to anyone who doesn’t live in a major centre.

The Pro-Choice Action Network is no longer active, but their website still includes a pretty comprehensive list of links to various clinics and other sites. I have two problems with the list so far: they have no information about services in Manitoba, the territories, Quebec or the maritime provinces; and they link to sites that advocate using drugs at home to self-induce a medical abortion. I may not be a doctor or a nurse or anything, but I know that there’s a reason why this type of procedure is usually done with some medical support. It’s a pretty sketchy way to go, so if you have safer alternatives, you should use them. Having said that, these websites look like they provide comprehensive information for women who have no other option. The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has pretty much the same links, probably because they were founded by some of the PCAN folks. But they have news and whatnot, so if you’re interested in that they’re a good resource.

The National Abortion Federation provides a listing of service availability in all provinces and territories. Click the hotlinked province/territory names to see where the NAF-associated clinics in those areas are. This is a great resource because it shows how late in pregnancy a woman can obtain an abortion in her region, and explains any requirements or possible costs she might incur.

The Morgentaler Clinic has locations in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John’s, Fredericton, and Montreal. They have an accurate description of the procedure, too.

This site lists the wrong name for Winnipeg’s clinic, but the phone number is correct – it isn’t the Morgentaler clinic any more, nor is it Jane’s Clinic. The Women’s Health Clinic refers clients for abortion services, and also provides other reproductive health services. The resources page includes PDF files with information about the abortion procedure, aftercare instructions, and what to do if your healthcare provider refuses to refer you for abortion care. There are also fact sheets on birth control methods, pap tests and other services.

I’ll be pulling together more links in the next few weeks, and intend to assemble a comprehensive and up-to-date information page – but I can already see that this will be tough, since out of all the sites I’ve been to thus far, none have had completely accurate information about therapeutic abortion services in the one province I know well.


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